Rushmere St Andrew Parish Council


Rushmere St Andrew Parish Council consists of 15 councillors, elected by parishioners on a four-yearly basis, representing you and are committed to looking after the needs of the parish and to determine the priorities in making the parish a nice place to live.

At the last Parish Council elections the Parish was divided into two wards, Village to the north with three councillors and Tower to the south with 12 councillors.

Councillors are unpaid volunteers who commit to serve our community with the council holding around 40 meetings each year. Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings. Part of each meeting is devoted to a public forum, with an opportunity for parishioners to bring matters to the attention of the Parish Council and for parishioners to seek guidance from the council.

Councillors do their best at all times, but they are not highly paid executives and do not deserve excessive criticism if things are not as everybody would like. There are two remunerated officers, the Clerk and Assistant Clerk who ably carry out the administrative processes on behalf of the Council.