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Rushmere St Andrew is a parish situated between Ipswich and Woodbridge. It is a long thin parish divided by the A1214 and Rushmere Common. The original rural village is situated in the north of the parish and the newer more urban Bixley Farm area, parts Broke Hall, and parts of Foxhall Road from Ipswich Town boundary to Foxhall, in the south. The two areas each have their own village sign as you can see at the top of this page. We still enjoy the peaceful countryside, just as in past generations.

For interest maps past and present can be viewed by clicking on link, and show the growth of the parish over the last 85 years.


Ash Dieback Disease

(Chalara fraxinea)

With outbreaks of ash dieback disease confirmed in woodlands in Suffolk, Suffolk Coastal Council has contacted all parish councils to draw our attention to the Forestry Commission’s website, which has all the latest information and advice about this disease.

This disease could be quite devastating to Suffolk Coastal’s populations of ash trees and have a terrible impact on the landscape if it gets a hold. At the moment all we can do is be vigilant and if you spot anything that you think may be this infection, please use the information provided by the Forestry Commission as a guide and follow the recommendations on their website below.


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