MailChimp Newsletter Policy

1.  Rushmere St Andrew Parish Council promises the following to anyone who signs up to the MailChimp Online News Subscription Service via the Rushmere St Andrew Parish Council Website :

  • No SPAM - a maximum of one email per week will be sent out except in the case of urgency such as: road closures, thefts or vandalism, bad weather / school closures or lost / found pets 
  • Rushmere St Andrew Parish Council is registered with the ICO and is therefore bound by data protection legislation. Email addresses will not be retained unless permission is given
  • Email address or details will not be shared with any other organisation
  • All emails will be sent “blind” - i.e. other recipients will not be able to see other email addresses
  • Rushmere St Andrew Parish Council endeavours to include submitted items (within the guidelines below) but reserve the right to edit items to ensure brevity

2.  To unsubscribe follow the link at the bottom of the page on each Rushmere St Andrew email

3.  Items can be included, by anyone, for the following reasons:

  • Requesting views or feedback from residents of the Parish of Rushmere St Andrew by a stated deadline - for example feedback on a planning application 
  • Asking for volunteers for village events or committees
  • Advertising all Parish / Community events provided that they are charitable or organised by a committee or working party
  • Items that are “free to a good home” such as a glut of runner beans or furniture items no longer wanted
  • Lost / found property
  • Police warnings regarding scams or local incidents

4.    Items that WILL NOT be included:

  • Personal viewpoints or complaints: Rushmere St Andrew Parish Council cannot arbitrate in personal disputes
  • Criticism of matters that are beyond the remit of Rushmere St Andrew Parish Council - for example decisions made by the District and County Councils or other authorities
  • Items for sale or profit 
  • Reminders for business events where income is made or fees are charged
  • Personal criticisms or communications that are offensive in any way

5.    To include an item on the Rushmere St Andrew MailChimp Online News Subscription Service the subscriber should email :

  • This should include the subscriber’s name along with their email address and if appropriate a contact telephone number
  • Set out their view / item in a clear and easily understood way
  • Ensure that the item is relevant to the Parish / Community
  • Include relevant dates, times and locations for any event
  • Young people are encouraged to include items but those under the age of 17 will be asked to supply a supporting email from a parent/guardian as a safeguard
  • Rushmere St Andrew Parish Council and /or its representative/s retain the right to make a final decision on what does and does not appear on the Rushmere St Andrew MailChimp Online News Subscription Service

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