Parish Amenities and Services Committee

The Parish Amenities & Services Committee (PA&S) normally meets on alternate months on the third Thursday of the month. Additional meetings may be determined by its Chairperson in consultation with the Clerk (or assistant).
The PA&S Committee meeting is a council meeting held in public and subject to the same procedural requirements as for a full Parish Council meeting.
The PA&S Committee is responsible for:-

  • maintenance and development of allotments, foot-paths, playing fields, ponds, street furniture, tree planting and general Parish environmental issues.
  • The Allotments Management Advisory Panel (AM AP)
  • considering and resolving issues-of-the-day referred to it as devolved powers of the PC (NOTE: excepting the functions of (i) determining overall and (ii) short term borrowing limits, (iii) determination of the amount of interest payable by it at rates variable by a lender of controlled by external factors, (iv) the issue of a precept and (v) the approval of a lottery scheme. All as defined by LGA 1972.

Please  click here  to view the minutes of the Parish Amenities and Services Committee meetings.


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