Probably the most successful crime reduction initiative - ever

Neighbourhood Watch (NW) is the UK's largest membership organisation, including over 173,000 coordinators working with 3.8m households. There are in excess of 1000 schemes in Suffolk of which Rushmere St Andrew is one.

We would like to encourage more streets or even parts of streets in Rushmere St Andrew to become involved.

It can just be a cul-de-sac or section of a road. Setting up a scheme brings neighbours together to create stronger, friendly, active communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen.

Each street scheme is unique to its own community. Some make it a priority to receive current crime information and advice which can be passed onto members by letter, email, facebook etc.

How to make a scheme happen. Talk to neighbours and see who is interested. You don't need everyone in the road to be interested, but obviously the more the better. A bit of time, access to a computer and possibly a printer and a few people willing to circulate information.

But remember that there does not necessarily have to be a problem for a NW scheme to be set up. It can be used as a preventative tool also.

You can also sign up to Police Connect which will advise you on a regular ongoing basis of any crimes, problems in your local SNT area.

Our local funded PCSO Mike Sarbutts is keen to assist groups with particular problems where he can and one of our local District Councillors, Mark Newton, gave £1,000 of his Enabling Community Budget to provide help for setting up new street schemes and signs where necessary. Many thanks Mark, your help is much appreciated.

More details can be obtained from the secretary of our local scheme Gavin Pond via Facebook @NeighbourhoodWatchIP4 or email


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