WW1 Roll of Honour in Village Hall

A complete list of those serving in the armed forces in WW1 from Rushmere St Andrew is on permanent display in Rushmere Village Hall, Humber Doucy Lane.  

We have attempted to reproduce a photo above. Unfortunately we cannot show this memorial picture in a readable size, but it can be downloaded if you Click here

Of course the parish boundaries were somewhat different a hundred years ago, and included roads which are now part of Ipswich, but it is amazing just how many people from the parish were involved. Some women are also listed on the roll.

Those who did not return home from the conflict are also remembered on the war memorial in St Andrews Churchyard.

The Roll of Honour also provides a glimpse into the past of Rushmere St Andrew, as can be seen by this research by Linda Douglas who has spent some considerable time researching into the list of names on the memorial. We hope to gather more information on this subject, so if anyone reading this has information on the past of Rushmere St Andrew they feel would be of interest, please do get in touch by email to the Assistant Parish Clerk Jean Potter assistantclerk@rushmere-st-andrew.org.uk

Eva Alice Batley born 1887. Sybil Kathleen Batley born 1897.  Eva and Sybil are sisters, their father’s name was Walter Batley born 1851 his occupation was Artist and Figure Sculptor. 1901 and 1911 census state the family were living at Little Roundwood Sidegate Lane.  Eva Alice was a Sister at Guys Hospital London in 1911, in 1922 she Married Malcolm A Macdonald at Rushmere St Andrew Church. She died 1975 Manchester. Sybil Kathleen Batley (as far as we know) didn’t marry, she died 1978 in Manchester.
Clement Chevallier
born 1898 Bombay India, died 1964 Cheshire. Clement’s father was also named Clement (a Gentleman) and also his Grandfather was named Clement (a wine merchant). Clement (Grandfather) and Jane Chevallier (lived at ‘The Cottage’ The Street Rushmere St Andrews from about 1855 to 1922). It appears that when Jane Chevallier (then a widow) died in 1922 she left the cottage to her son Clement (Gentleman) who lived there with his wife Anna until about 1947 when Anna (then a widow) moved to Sidegate Avenue Ipswich, Anna died 1949. The Census show they employed many servants and maids at The Cottage Rushmere. The 1911 census states that The Cottage had 13 rooms which did not include scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom.
A little book by T Chevallier about the village (Rushmere St Andrew - T Chevallier), we think was written by Teresa Chevallier (sister of Clement Chevallier who served in WW1) when she was about 37 years old. Teresa never married and lived in the village most of her life, she died 1978.
Stanley Cooper
born 1890 Occupation 1911 – Furniture Upholsterer, Horace Cooper born 1892 Occupation 1911 – Student Teacher, Albert Cooper born 1895 Occupation 1911 – Market Gardener. All these three are brothers. Their father was a Market Gardener and the family lived at the Old Hop Gardens Woodbridge Road from about 1883 to 1935. The 1911 census states that their dwelling had 14 rooms which did not include scullery, landing, lobby, closet bathroom. All the family were born in Rushmere St Andrew apart from their Father. Their Grandfather was also a Market Gardener. Their other Grandfather (their mother’s father) was a Retailer of Flour.
Rufus Crapnell
born 1892. Rufus Married Eva Wright in 1920. His father,  Joseph was a Blacksmith in Rushmere St Andrew from  the early 1900’s until he died in 1934. Rufus took over the Blacksmith business from his father which he carried on until his death in 1970.
Freda Florence Dawson MTASC
born 1897 was one of Alfred Dawson’s (miller) daughters. She served in the Medical Transport Army Service Corps in WW1. Freda married Reginald C E Mayo 1918 Rushmere St Andrews Church (we think). They had three children who were all born in Worcestershire. Freda died 1990 age 93 Hertfordshire but was buried in Rushmere St Andrew churchyard.
Norman Everett
born 1880, Robert Bernard Everett born 1878. Norman and Robert were brothers. Their father was Robert Lacey Everett, a Yeoman Farmer and a Justice of the Peace who lived at ‘The Villa’ Rushmere St Andrew who employed domestic servants. The 1911 census state the ‘The Villa’ had 12 rooms which did not include scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom. Norman Everett Married Vivien A Sutton 1914 Ipswich. By 1925 Norman Everett (now stated as Major) was a Farmer at Hill Farm, Rushmere St Andrew. By 1933 he was a Justice of the Peace still a Farmer at Hill Farm. By 1941 he was no longer listed as a Farmer but was still living at Hill Farm. By 1947 still at Hill Farm and now one of the principal landowners. He died in 1954. His wife died 1963 but was stated as living at Villa Farm House. Robert Bernard Everett was living in Notting Hill London in 1911, his occupation stated as a Journalist, he died 1966 in Cornwall.
Albert Arthur Fisk
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William T Francis
born 1890. Sadly William died in WW1. At the time of the 1911 census William T Francis occupation was an Engineer at the Union Workhouse Woodbridge Road Rushmere. Williams’s father was also called William and his mother’s name was Gertrude. William and Gertrude were the School Master and School Mistress from about 1885 to at least 1916 and lived at ‘The School House’ Rushmere St Andrew until at least 1911. When the 1901 census was taken William’s (The School Master) mother Mary Alice Francis (age 67) was living with the family at the School House and her occupation is stated as Vicar at Rushmere.
Leonard Henry Russell Gray born 1893. His father was Alfred Wollaston Gray who was the Clergyman at Rushmere St Andrew from about 1893 to at least 1911, family living at the Vicarage. Sadly Leonard was one of the many who were killed.
Ida Marian Haggar MT ASC born 1887. Ida married Harold F Ranson 1922. Ida died 1977. Her brothers were John Charles Gordon Haggar born 1890 and Harry Douglas Fox Haggar born 1895. All three served in WW1. Sadly Harry D F was killed. John C G married Ethel Fanny Easey 1921. Their parents were Henry George Haggar and Marian Fisk who married 1886. The above were the only children they had.
Marion Joyce Mason VAD born 1896 was living at The Lodge Rushmere St Andrews in 1911 and served in the Voluntary Aid Detachment in WW1. In 1901 the family were living in Fonnereau Road Ipswich. Her father George Mason whose occupation was a seed crusher at St Peters Oil Mills Bridge Street and Quay Street Ipswich (Ipswich branch of the British Oil and Cake Mills Ltd). George Mason employed a maid, servant, nurse and cook at both of the places they lived. Marion Joyce Mason is listed as a passenger on a ship named ASTURIAS in 1933. The port of departure was Buenos Aires Argentina, port of arrival Southampton, her occupation is listed as Matron.
Charles Paternoster born 1891 Rushmere St Andrews and three of his brothers Arthur born 1888, Albert born 1896 and William born 1900 served in WW1, sadly Albert died. All the Paternoster family apart from their father were born in Rushmere St Andrew. After Elizabeth (Salmon) and Charles Paternoster married they lived at 99 Humber Doucy Lane for the rest of their lives. Charles died 1969 and Elizabeth died 1974.
Ernest William Rush According to the 1901 Census Ernest William Rush was born in Rushmere St Andrew in October 1885. He joined the 1st Battalion Suffolk Regiment in January 1904 at Bury St Edmunds and was transferred to the 2nd Battalion and served abroad in Madras and Aden.
 He was promoted to Sergeant in August 1912 and extended his service to 21 years in 1913. In the same year he married Flossie King at St John’s Church in Ipswich.
 Ernest fought with 2nd Suffolks at Le Cateau and in the retreat to Mons, where he was reported as missing, but made his way back to the Battalion with fourteen other ranks. Within two days of his return the Suffolks fought their way back across the River Marne and on to the north of the River Aisne.
 Sgt Rush continued to serve with the 2nd Suffolks and fought on in the Ypres Salient throughout 1915. In 1916 the Battalion was sent to the Somme. Ernest was promoted to Company Sergeant Major on 13 November 1916 and on 1 April 1917 was granted a commission with the 7th Suffolks just prior to the Battle of Arras.
 He was killed in action on 28 April 1917 during the Battalion’s attack on bayonet and rifle trenches between the villages of Rouex and Monchy-le-Preux to the east of Arras. Ernest is buried in the tiny Commonwealth War Graves Commission Happy Valley Cemetery on the outskirts of Arras and is remembered at home in the village on the WW1 memorial in the churchyard.
Elizabeth Jane Salmon FC ASC
born 1899 Rushmere St Andrew. We are not sure what the initials after her name stand for. There were two of her brothers who served in WW1, David Salmon born 1895 and Robert James Salmon born 1897, sadly Robert James was one of the many people who died. All the Salmon family were all born in Rushmere St Andrew. Elizabeth Jane Salmon married Charles Paternoster in 1928 Rushmere St Andrew. The Paternoster and Salmon family were next door neighbours.