Rushmere St Andrew Tollgate

The Rushmere St. Andrew Tollgate House was on the corner of Woodbridge Road and Bent Lane with the Tollgate itself going across Woodbridge Road. Legend has it that the tollgate at Kesgrave was removed and re-sited on Woodbridge Road near Bent Lane because the tollgate keeper spent too much time in the Kesgrave Bell Public House!

The Toll Gate stopped being used around about 1870 and the materials from the Toll House and Gate were sold by private contract in October 1872 with the Gate itself being removed on Friday 1 November 1872. When the Turnpike was wound up in 1872 the Rushmere tollhouse was bought by a Mr. Tomline for £30.

The privately owned old Toll House remained occupied most of the time until Spring 1938 when it was finally demolished.

There were plans for an Inn/Hotel to be built on the site of the old Toll House and Cobbolds were granted a license in 1939. Work started on building the Inn shortly after World War II but for some reason came to a halt after the cellar had been dug.